Pinhole Surgical Procedure

Gum recession leaves the roots of the teeth exposed , setting the stage for tooth decay , sensitivity, infection and tooth loss. The Pinhole Surgical Technique offers an alternative to traditional gum grafting treatment. This procedure is minimally-invasive and requires no scalpels or sutures. Dr. Stephen Bellorini of East Brewster Dental specializes in the Pinhole Surgical Technique in Brewster for the treatment of gum recession.

Reasons For Choosing The Pinhole Surgical Technique

Common reasons for choosing the Pinhole Surgical Technique to address gum recess include:
A desire to restore the natural , healthy look of your gumline . To increase your confidence when you speak , laugh and smile . The Pinhole Surgical Technique results in a near-immediate improvement in the look of your smile.
The need for a reduced recovery time following your dental treatment. The Pinhole Surgical Technique offers faster , more comfortable recovery than traditional grafting techniques, which can take up to 6 weeks to heal .
Extensive gum recession in many areas of the mouth . The Pinhole Surgical Technique can be used to treat multiple gum areas in a single visit to Dr Bellorini’s office , making this procedure much more convenient.
No need for uncomfortable sutures and no donor tissue needed from the patients palate as with conventional tissue grafting. During The Pinhole Surgical Technique a needle is used to make a small hole in the patients existing gum tissue next to the receded area . Through this pinhole , special instruments are used to gently loosen the gum tissue . These tools help to expand and slide the gumline to cover the exposed root structure . There are no grafts , no sutures and no incisions needed with The Pinhole Surgical Technique . It simply involves the adjustment of the existing tissue , and with comparable results to traditional grafting procedures.

The Top Three Causes Of Gum Recession
Periodontal Disease- gum recession is often a side effect of periodontal disease , which occurs when the tissues of the gums become infected. As periodontal disease advances ,it causes the gums to recede . This allows even more bacteria to enter the area between the teeth and gums , worsening the condition. Brushing and flossing daily and maintaining regular checkups with your dentist can catch gum disease before it becomes advanced.
Aggressive Brushing- brushing your teeth with excessive force or using improper techniques ( i . e . scrubbing back and forth) can abrade the gum tissue every time you brush. Over time , this causes the gums to recede away from the teeth. Using the proper brushing technique and gentle pressure during daily oral care will prevent gum recession due to aggressive brushing. DrĀ  Bellorini gives detailed brushing instructions to all his patients to prevent aggressive brushing.
Bruxism – bruxism or tooth grinding and jaw clenching , is a common condition that can occur when you are stressed or even asleep. The pressure you place on your teeth and gums when you clench your jaw can be extreme , causing long- term damage to these tissues and leading to gum recession. Dr. Bellorini can provide you with an appliance to cushion your teeth and gums and prevent damage while you are asleep.

Confidence begins with a great smile
Confidence begins with a great smile , and the East Brewster dental team takes great pride in knowing that our patients leave our office with a smile on their face. If you have receding gums that are either painful or an aesthetic issue please contact us today to discuss options and to schedule a consultation. Dr. Bellorini will be happy to discuss with you the pinhole surgical technique in detail and answer any questions that you may have.

Gum recession may occur due to many factors . Learning to recognize your risk for gum recession can help you prevent it . Call East Brewster Dental at 508-255-0111 to find out more about The Pinhole Surgical Technique and other Brewster gum treatment options.