perio1The Perio Protect Method® is an effective, sensible approach to treat bacteria that cause gum disease.

At the heart of the Method is the adjunctive 
Perio Tray® delivery of medication. The basic idea is to get medication under the gums and into the pockets where bacteria grow and keep it there long enough for the medication to work, all in a comfortable, non-invasive way. Not a simple task . That’s why the Perio Tray is such an important advancement.

Its FDA approved!




The Perio Tray is easy to use. You put the medication into the trays, wear the trays at home as instructed by your dentist and, well, that’s it, until you return to the dentist for a recall visit. It’s comfortable, it works well, and it’s convenient. The Perio Protect Method’s combination of Perio Tray delivery with thorough cleanings from a dental office
is the least invasive approach available, and research shows better results than cleaning alone.

Perio Trays are custom fit for individual use. They have a special seal and extension system that correspond to the conditions of the gums around each tooth. The seals and extensions help direct and maintain medication under the gums to the site of the infected wounds. For most people, treatment time amounts to minutes each day. As healing occurs and conditions improve, dentists will modify your frequency and duration of usage, gradually decreasing patient usage until the infection is under control and the disease is well managed. You can then follow a homecare maintenance schedule to keep the bacteria at bay.

Here’s what
patient who use the PerioProtect say about its results:

Nancy P.

“I love the perio protect trays! I have whiter teeth and no
more bleeding gums. They are comfortable and an easy addition to my homecare
regimen. It may be a bit expensive, but well worth it. My teeth have never felt

Jenny K.

“I was skeptical at first too, because I’m a smoker and
apparently gum disease is more prominent in smokers. I was put on perio protect
about 2 years ago – after needing to go to my periodontol specialist every 3
months for special cleanings for years and years (painful and expensive!!!). I
am now loving my periodontal trays (easy to use and no pain) because I can feel
the difference and now I was told that I don’t need to see the dentist for
another SIX MONTHS!!! And my dentist said my teeth and gums look better than
they have in 10 years.”

Barb S.

“I’ve been using it and the antibiotic with the
gel to kill bacteria for years now and it has been a miracle-worker. It may be
a bit costly but it’s WAY less expensive than having deep gum cleanings or
surgeries the rest of your life (besides saving your gums and teeth).”