doggieIt is sad but true that American culture just assumes when you get old, your teeth get bad. As a result, maybe you need to have a couple of teeth removed, then a few years later a few more teeth need to be extracted. Eventually, you may have to decide to get dentures, or maybe you don’t. And no matter what you decide, dentures or no dentures, there are ramifications that can directly affect your quality of life, your physical and emotional health, and even your longevity. Do you remember being six years old and feeling that excitement of losing that first tooth ? It was probably a big thing at the time. Losing an adult tooth isn’t much of a cause for celebration. If you’ve suffered the loss of one or more teeth, you know how disappointing that feels. Losing one tooth is bad enough, but the last thing you want is to have all your teeth sitting in a glass on the night table.

Here’s some good news. There’s a silver lining to your lost-tooth cloud. Dental Implants can give you that miracle second-chance.





Get The Smile You’ve Always Wanted!


Avoid embarrassment , energize your relationships , eat the foods you want , preserve your health and get teeth that look and feel great for a lifetime !Of all the ways modern dentistry has to replace missing teeth, dental implants are by far the best. There is no tooth-replacement option that will give you a longer-lasting result.

Implants also help preserve tooth-supporting bone that naturally deteriorates when a tooth is lost. Loss of bone is one of the major hidden consequences of losing teeth , and can result in major facial    changes . Missing teeth encourage wrinkling and pre-mature aging . The bone that surrounds teeth must be stimulated from within or the body dissolves(reabsorbs) it. This results in dentures needing to be remade , and results in creases and wrinkles in the face . The space between the nose and chin decreases , causing the nose to appear larger or prominent . The lower part of the face looks fallen in .

The chin appears to come to a point like a “witches chin”.

implant-prevents-boneloss1With the amazing secrets of dental implants , you can have the smile you’ve always wanted, rid yourselves of “dental handicaps” and eliminate a serious threat to the longevity and quality of your life . This dream can become a reality for our patients at East Brewster Dental. Implants offer patients a long-term tooth replacement option that restores the appearance and function of natural teeth . At East Brewster Dental, our experienced implant dentist, Dr. Stephen Bellorini, offers comprehensive implant dentistry to patients from Brewster and throughout Cape Cod. We want our implant dentistry patients to be well informed about their options and the implant procedure before they decide whether this tooth replacement choice is right for them.


Below, Dr. Bellorini provides answers to some of the most common questions about implant dentistry. Of course, if you have specific questions, please contact our dental practice to schedule a consultation with our doctor .

What’s The Real Truth About Missing Teeth And Dentures?

  • As the average lifespan continues to increase you will need your teeth longer. Scientists are now predicting 150-year lifespans within the next 15-20 years….you’ll need your teeth longer. 
  • Missing teeth help destroy self confidence and change your smile .  Do you hold your lips a certain way because of missing teeth ? Do you turn away  from people to mask the gap ? Do you restrict your smile from a big grin even at the funniest moments?
  • A single missing tooth can cause damage you can’t feel or see until it’s too late .  Your teeth are designed to work together during chewing and when a part of that group is missing more work is required from the remaining teeth . This extra exerted force results in teeth shifting/tilting toward the hole left by  the missing tooth . Now your smile is changing for the worse and your bite is thrown off ! This can cause headaches , jaw joint pain , and other broken teeth . Teeth shifting into open spaces can create crevices for food/bacteria to collect and result in a gum infection . Gum disease is an infection that spreads throughout the body that can double the risk of heart disease , heart attack , stroke and other health problems.
  • Diseased teeth and gums threaten you and your family’s health.  Not only do diseased teeth threaten your health by bacteria traveling to other parts of the body , but according to studies the chances are about 70% that people who live together will share the same bacteria . Who doesn’t share a spoon , a glass or a bit of food ?All the more reason to maintain dental health . No one wants to contaminate their spouse or children.
  • Partial dentures can cause bone loss .  At the end of 5 years , only 40% of partial denture wearers are still wearing the partial denture made for them . Those patients still wearing partial dentures are all losing bone ! Of those wearing a partial , 50% chew better without it . Partials exert pressure on the gum and bone causing bone loss , making the partial even more difficult to wear.
  • Denture adhesives are not a good solution .  In the U.S. each year , more than 90 million dollars is spent by the public on denture adhesives . The denture adhesives themselves have unpleasant tastes , must reapplied often , provide an inconsistent fit , have continued costs and create embarrassing circumstances.

Why Choose Dental Implants?

  • Dental implants offer patients who are missing teeth a stable , reliable , and realistic replacement option
  • Provides comfort and security often lost due to missing teeth . They also enhance self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Provides improved physical appearance , restored youthful feeling and improve your outlook on life
  • Halts bone loss associated with missing teeth and caused by dentures and removable partials
  • Improves function for speech and chewing , allowing for return to enjoyment of their favorite foods without worry
  • Stabilizes or supports existing dentures providing enhanced confidence in social settings
  • Dental implants provide the highest proven success rates , 95% , which is higher than any other replacement option in dentistry
  • Almost all people with missing teeth are good candidates for dental implants….even if you were told in the past that you did not have enough bone

What Are Dental Implants?

A dental implant most often takes the form of a small , screw-shaped titanium post that replaced the root-part of a missing tooth . The surgical procedure use to place an implant is actually quite minor and routine , requiring only local anesthetic in most cases . After a healing period , the implant is topped with a lifelike crown custom-made to match your existing natural teeth. Implants ,as mentioned before, have a documented  success rate of 95% , which is significantly higher than any other tooth- replacement option.


Dental implant posts are made from titanium, a metal that is also used for joint replacements. Since titanium is bio-compatible, the jaw bone grows around the dental implant post, ensuring a firm and stable foundation for a replacement tooth.

implant-fused-to-bone            implant-what-is-a-dental-implant-8-sm



Can I Get To Eat The Foods I Love Again?

Eating is one of life’s pleasures . Meal times are when we all join together and enjoy not only the food but our relationships with our family and friends . Having teeth that function properly is vital to enjoying this quality of everyday life .

Dentures decrease function . When chewing natural implanted teeth exert on average 50 pounds per square inch , while with dentures the average chewing pressure is reduced to only 14 pounds per square inch . This not only drastically reduces the effectiveness of chewing but it limits the types of foods one can chew correctly . The types of foods that are easier to chew are carbohydrates , and high calorie foods because of their softness . Therefore  not only are denture wearers getting less effective chewing but they are receiving poorer nutrition . A high-calorie diet can result in increased blood pressure , heart disease and digestive tract issues . In addition , denture wearers experience a decrease in taste , temperature and food recognition due to the insulating effects of the denture’s plastic . According to Dr. Carl Misch , a world renowned implant dentist , the average denture wearer has a 10 year shorter life span! 

Who is a candidate for implant dentistry?

Almost anyone who is missing teeth is a good candidate for implant dentistry. You must have a sufficient amount of healthy bone in the jaw to support the implant. And today with new technologies and bone replacement materials even people who were told in the past they could not get implants because of their poor bone can now get dental implants. As with many types of medical procedures, certain health concerns will prohibit people from receiving dental implants. Those who are not good candidates for dental implants include cancer patients who have recently undergone radiation therapy and patients with uncontrolled diabetes. Other medical conditions generally do not limit a patient’s ability to receive dental implants. Please schedule an implant dentistry consultation at our practice to determine whether you are a good candidate for dental implants.

Is the implant dentistry procedure painful?

At our Brewster-area practice, the implant dentistry procedure is performed by a trained dentist, and there is only very minor discomfort. We also offer sedation dentistry to help our patients remain comfortable and pain-free during the placement of dental implants. Many patients report that they require only minor pain-relieving medication such as ibuprofen after the procedure, and within a day of treatment, most patients are able to return to their normal activities.

How long does the implant dentistry procedure take?

The length of the implant dentistry procedure varies based on the type of treatment required. In most cases, a four-to-six month healing period is needed to allow the jaw bone to integrate with implant post. However, we are sometimes able to deliver fully functioning replacement teeth in a single office visit with immediate functional one day dental rehabilitation.

Do I have to go without my dentures during my treatment?

No. We would like you to keep your dentures out a couple days after the day of your surgery, but afterwards you can wear your dentures as you normally would while your mouth and jaw heals.

I’ve been told I don’t have enough bone for dental implants. Is there anything you can do?

Yes. In most cases, even severe bone loss can be helped by a bone grafting procedure. This simple in-office procedure ensures that there is enough healthy bone for the successful integration of the implant post into the jaw, creating a strong foundation for the replacement tooth. Gradual bone loss is common among denture wearers, and many experience difficulty stabilizing their lower denture over time, which can lead to chewing, speaking, eating, and even digestion problems. But with modern bone grafting techniques, we can often return the jaw to normal function and place implants to stabilize a denture.

How much does the implant dentistry procedure cost?

The cost of implant dentistry at our practice serving all of Cape Cod is based on several factors, including:
• The patient’s level of bone loss
• The number and type of dental implants placed
• The type of replacement tooth the patient chooses

In your consultation, Dr. Bellorini will review your case and discuss with you your personalized implant dentistry plan, as well as the duration and cost of your treatment.

Does insurance cover this procedure?

Coverage for implant dentistry in Cape Cod varies depending on the insurance company and type of coverage. Some dental insurance plans do cover part of the cost for implant dentistry, while others do not. At the East Brewster Dental, serving the Brewster area, we are familiar with insurance coverage issues regarding implant dentistry, and we can help determine your insurance benefit.

Is financing available for dental implants?

Yes! We offer several financing options, including one-year interest-free and long-term plans. We also offer a discount for cash payment made before your implant dentistry treatment.

What Types of Restorations Can Implants Be Used For?


Single Tooth Replacement


Multiple Missing Teeth


Implant Supported Removable Denture


Implant Supported Fixed Appliance

Dental Implant Crowns vs Tooth Supported Bridges


I Had Dental Implants!

You Deserve The Best!

I have actually had older patients (we call them ‘Experienced Adults’ in my office) decide not to get dental implants because as they said, “I am probably not going to live that much longer.” Well, I think that is ridiculous! Whether you live six months or twenty years, having good teeth will make that time far more healthy and enjoyable than it would be otherwise. Good teeth may also help you live longer as many different kinds of diseases can be thwarted by good nutrition and a cleaner mouth. Regardless of how long you live, healthy teeth will certainly help you live better! So, if the quality of your life is important to you, please call us today to make an appointment so we can educate you about the many benefits of dental implants. You may find it is one of the best decisions you have ever made!