1. Sedation Dentistry is One Tool in the Fight for Conquering Brewster Residents’ Dental Fears

    Think about this little bit of information; one in five people has a fear of going to the dentist. If you happen to suffer from dental phobia, not to worry as your fears are perfectly natural. Sedation dentistry is one tool in the fight for conquering Brewster residents' dental fears. We also offer the following advice for those who are afraid to go to the dentist. It no s…Read More

  2. Our Brewster Office Offers Everything from Teeth Whitening to Soft Tissue Grafts

    Say you just had a few procedures done to improve the overall look of your smile. For example, you took full advantage of our teeth whitening treatment and had us perform an inlay at our Brewster office. You are almost totally satisfied with the way you look. The one problem is you suffer from receding gum lines and though they don't hurt, you feel they are unsightly. Go a…Read More

  3. We are a Family Dentist in Brewster Providing Oral Sedation

    The tooth that has been giving you grief the last few months has now turned into an inferno of pain. You bought the warehouse size bottle of aspirin to help manage the pain, but even that isn't giving you relief. And now, even chewing the softest of foods is an experience of a hellish caliber. You stare at your phone, desperately wanting to schedule an appointment, but som…Read More

  4. Our Brewster Dentist Office Also Offers Cosmetic Treatments as well as Implants and Extractions

    Digital radiography provides many advantages over conventional film, it is indeed easy to see why more and more dental practices are making the transition. Embracing modern technology enables us to provide the best possible services for our patients. When receiving treatment at our office, you will benefit from our utilization of digital x-rays. Digital radiography reduces…Read More

  5. We Incorporate Sedation Dentistry into Our Brewster Practice

    Dental phobia, or the fear of dentists, is incredibly common, affecting between 13 to 24 percent of the population. For many of these people, the fear of going to the dentist is just disturbing but not totally disabling. However, there is a percentage of the population who are absolutely terrorized at even the thought of having to visit the dentist. Unfortunately, a raging…Read More

  6. Brewster Residents Need to Think Twice Before Buying Those Home Teeth Whitening Kits

    Home teeth whitening kits are a popular item that many people are starting to utilize. These kits are sold at most stores and some can be rather inexpensive. But before you hand over your hard-earned cash for one of these teeth whitening kits, there are facts you need to take into consideration. That's right, put that whitening kit back and the shelf and listen carefully. …Read More

  7. We are a Brewster Family Dentist Office that Offers Cosmetic Services

    Do you smile often over the course of the day? If you don't, is it because you are just not feeling it or is it because you are hiding chipped or broken teeth or perhaps their stained and you are ashamed to smile? If you aren't smiling every day, you are missing out on some of the simple joys in life. Here are some things you should be smiling about. The act of smiling sen…Read More

  8. Whether You are Seeking a Dentist for Routine Family Care or Cosmetic Dentistry, We Handle it All

    There are many benefits to enjoy through cosmetic dentistry. As you may already know, cosmetic dentistry is the branch of dentistry that deals with the appearance of your teeth. Now, these changes in your appearance will certainly benefit you socially. That is, your new smile will give you more confidence, but there are also health benefits that come with cosmetic dentistr…Read More

  9. Two new studies published this week!

    Two new studies published this week suggest that a type of gut bacteria found in the mouth may trigger colorectal cancer by influencing the immune response and switching on cancer genes. The researchers believe their findings may lead to more timely and improved ways of diagnosing, preventing, and treating colorectal cancer. Our gut contains trillions of bacteria, vastly o…Read More

  10. Pregnancy and Dental Health

    Pregnancy and Dental Health When a woman becomes pregnant, she knows it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle to ensure both the health of herself and the health of her baby. New clinical recommendations from the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) and the Eurpean Federation of Periodontology (EFP) urge pregnant women to maintain periodontal health as well. Res…Read More